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Monday, August 9, 2010


There are halters on the hat rack,
  pink-eye medicine in the fridge,
In the breadbox is a feather,
  found in the rocks below the ridge.

On the shelf above the washer
  is a collection of small stones,
And another pile of bigger rocks
  calls the basket on my dresser home.

On the front porch is a flower pot
  filled with rust we have found,
Bits and rings and hames caps,
  that boil up from the ground.

Old silverware in a vase,
  found in the old barn in a stall,
Along with those three hay hooks
  hanging on the kitchen wall.

Horse show ribbons here and there,
  a door stop that’s a Mangum brick.
Barbed wire rolled into a wreath
  and decorated with cedar sticks.

Chaps and spurs hang everywhere,
  boots clutter the entryway floor,
City visitors often comment on
  our lovely western décor.

We can’t help but laugh out loud,
  because it strikes us as funny,
Décor is what you find in magazines
  and costs tons of money.

There’s nothing fancy about this house,
  it’s filled with memories end to end.
Mementoes we find here and there,
  that remind us where we’ve been.

We are over-run with things
  we use from day to day,
We sit on passed down furniture
  ‘cause recycling is the Cowboy way.

What makes a place into a home
  is laughter and love all the while.
And I’ll tell everyone we decorate
  in Eclectic Cowboy style.

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