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Thursday, May 30, 2013


May 07, 2013

He was the best friend and boss my husband ever had. A true mentor and a faithful Christian who never asked his men to do anything he wouldn’t do himself. When I had cancer he made sure my husband had jobs he could do here at home. He also made sure my husband was home for events for our kids and other family members. Jerry Lewis, you leave a big hole in our lives that will be hard to fill; but we know we will see you down the trail.

In his heart he is a Cowboy,
riding for the brand,
Doing what comes naturally,
being a Top Hand.
In his mind’s eye lies the prairie,
racing with the wind,
Where a great big world lays waiting,
just around the band.
With waters pure as crystal,
 and air just as clear,
He often stops to wonder,
just what he’s doing here.
Green pastures is what he longs for,
and a good horse by his side,
Saddled up and ready,
for the long, hard ride.
So, he gives up everything to go,
where no one’s gone before;
He smiles as if to say good-bye,
and silently slips out the door.
There will be no fancy speeches,
as he rides into the sun;
It’s just some things are never quite finished,
and his work has just begun.
He’s headed for the High Lonesome,
where he’ll once more take a stand…
This Cowboy’s heart is headed Home,
to ride for Heaven’s brand.

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