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Thursday, May 30, 2013


April 23, 2019
I’ve seen a lot of tee-shirts lately,
That say, “Get a Cowboy Attitude”,
But the fellows who were wearing them,
Appeared to be plain rude.
They think that being a Cowboy,
Is a swagger in your walk,
And a dip in your lip,
And a drawl when you talk.
To them it’s a high-dollar horse,
And a trailer with sleeper and tack,
And a sixty thousand dollar pick-up,
With vanity plates on the back.
They think a hundred dollar shirt,
And a Stetson with a fancy band,
Is all it takes to make,
The measure of a man.
But being a Cowboy,
Ain’t necessarily what you ride,
It’s what you believe,
It’s who you are inside.
It’s looking past the problems,
To further down the road,
It’s standing up for others,
And living by The Code.
It’s giving more than your share,
It’ doing what is right,
It’s knowing how to appreciate things,
By taste, or feel or sight.
It’s knowing that it’s Not Necessary,
To be Politically Correct,
That either you do, or you don’t,
Deserve your ounce of respect.
It’s knowing the definition of Freedom,
The Responsibility that is brings,
It’s Heart and Soul and Strength and Grit,
And even more that just those things…
It’s wearing what is practical,
And even if you’re money poor,
It you really are a Cowboy,
You’re rich in something more.
Because being a Cowboy,
Isn’t something that you learn,
It’s putting your shoulder to it,
It’s the one thing that you EARN.
So, when you see a fellow,
Wearing his “cowboy attitude”,
You can know that he’s a ‘wanna-be’,
Or maybe just a dude.
As for the Real Cowboy?
Well, you’ll know him by the look in his eyes,
And he’ll be the one wearing plain clothes,
Because he don’t have to advertise.
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