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Monday, June 21, 2010

RIDING DRAG / FOR DADDY by Debra Coppinger Hill

This is my second Father's Day without my Dad here on this earth. Yet every day I feel his presence and see him in many places I go and things I do. He was a great storyteller and shared our family history, legends and lore. He left a strong and proud legacy for us to uphold. I pray for all children today to have fathers like mine. 'Wado Udoda!'


My Father wears a coat of many colors
for all the world to see,
that deep inside his soul
beats the heart of a Cherokee.

What have I learned from his spirit,
his laughing, loving ways?
I learned the past belongs to the present,
not to waste my younger days.

The stories of my ancestors
are his legacy to me;
That honoring them and who they were
determines who I shall be.

I am my Father's daughter
and I can only hope,
that one day I will be worthy
to wear my father's coat.

*U-do-da = the Cherokee word for Father

When Daddy was diagnosed with bone cancer we talked a lot about what he wanted from the final chapter of his life. We made notes and plans and over and over he told us "I will still be here. I'll just be in two places at once." It's true. He left such love with us that we feel his presence every day. I used some of his lines from those talks for this poem that we read at his service.


Though I may go, I am not gone;
I stand on The Rock in the Great Beyond.
I follow in my Savior's tracks,
From time to time, I look back;
For your love keeps me forever near,
Though I may go, my spirit is still here.

So look for me in clear blue skies,
And deep within my loved one's eyes.
In the embers of a deer camp fire,
Among the stars as the moon climbs higher.
In joyful moments and laughter strong,
in your hearts I will always belong.

Though I may go, I am not gone;
I stand on The Rock in the Great Beyond.

©Debra Coppinger Hill & Sham Coppinger

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